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Education and staff / company development speaks to the core values of Propane Resources. We provide educational training on many topics to help educate and develop the members of the propane industry by speaking at state and national association meetings as well as for individual companies. We have experts who can train on a variety of topics specific to the retail propane industry. We have many training topics already available or we would be happy to customize something to meet your needs.

Primary categories include business, operations, marketing, supply and web. Some of the presentations cross into other areas of the business because like a retail propane business, what happens in one area impacts all the other areas in some way. These presentations can be delivered to a group of companies or tailored to a specific company. We strive to customize our presentations to your needs.

If you don't see what you are looking for, call us and we will customize a plan for you.

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  Customer Service   Business

The Customer Service training is on-site and customized to your specific needs. We'll talk about gaining new customers, handling angry customers and dealing with the price question. The goal is to help you maintain and grow your customer base through excellent service.

  Collections & Cash Flow   Business

The Collections & Cash Flow training is on-site and designed to reduce your accounts receivable by teaching your employees to collect more effectively. Positive impact on your cash flow and decreased bad debts is the goal. We offer an evaluation of your current practices, classroom style training and hands-on training with your employees during your session.

  Valuing and Building Value in Your Business   Business

There are a number of reasons you want to know the value of a business. Distinguish fact from fiction and gain the tools to understand valuing a business. What can you do now to increase your businesses’ future value? Key metrics will be covered for building future value. When the time comes to capitalize on your hard work, you will be in the driver’s seat

  Supply & Risk Management   Supply & Marketing

Due to the ever changing market, topics relating to Supply & Risk Management are modified to fit the needs of the audience and of the ever-changing market.

Examples of past presentations include but are not limited to:
  • Supply and Components
    • Inventory
    • Production
    • Imports / Exports
    • Demand
    • Distribution Infrastructure
  • Outlook for Energy
    • Supply, Demand & Pricing
    • Infrastructure
    • Issues/Concerns
  • The Changing Face of Energy [Region]
  • The Changing Face of Energy [Globally]
The Changing Face of Energy [Region]
The Changing Face of Energy [Globally]


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