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Education and staff / company development speaks to the core values of Propane Resources. We provide educational training on many topics to help educate and develop the members of the propane industry by speaking at state and national association meetings as well as for individual companies. We have experts who can train on a variety of topics specific to the retail propane industry. We have many training topics already available or we would be happy to customize something to meet your needs.

Primary categories include business, operations, marketing, supply and web. Some of the presentations cross into other areas of the business because like a retail propane business, what happens in one area impacts all the other areas in some way. These presentations can be delivered to a group of companies or tailored to a specific company. We strive to customize our presentations to your needs.

If you don't see what you are looking for, call us and we will customize a plan for you.

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  Business Review Case Studies   Business

As companies seek to improve their operational and financial performance, there are common trends found among most retail propane companies. This session will be presented as case studies identifying the areas of concern, the recommendations made and their order of magnitude. This session will benefit owners and managers alike as they seek to improve their retail propane companies by taking a look at their company from a fresh perspective and outlining what steps are necessary for needed changes. This session also explores two to three case studies based on actual propane business reviews. Session provides insight for retail propane marketers on areas to observe, common areas of concern, and recommendations to make improvements.

  Marketing - The Two Types...   Marketing
The Two Types - What You Need and What You Can Afford!

Marketing can be very elusive as to what you really need and what you can afford. Do you need brand marketing or do you need immediate sales marketing? What's the difference? Marketing can be like a leaky faucet - you know it's costing you money, you know you need to address the situation, but you never give it the full attention it deserves. This session will provide you with a basic plan to understand what marketing you need and what you can afford. The session will discuss balancing a marketing budget to address long term marketing (brand building) and short term marketing (immediate sales) needs. An effective marketing plan has both elements for sowing seeds of success. How do you determine how much to spend?

  Best Practices for Propane Marketers   Business

What does it really take to keep a retail propane business strong and viable? You may find yourself saying, "When I retire and want to sell my business, I want it to be worth something." This is a common feeling throughout the industry. The decisions you make and the way you choose to run your business will have an impact on the value of your business as well as the level of interest your company will receive from buyers.

  How to Survive Adversity and Maintain Your Value   Business

Between abnormal winters and the intrusion of competitors such as natural gas and increased energy efficiencies, how can retail propane marketers maintain their value? While maintaining or growing the value of your business is critical, managing obstacles that appear outside your control is not only frustrating but seemingly impossible. This session will identify ways to limit your business’s exposure to a potential declining value.

  Cash is King...   Business

Companies are experiencing higher than normal receivables due in part by the increase in the cost of product, not to mention their own short-term cash flow needs to cover merely one load of propane. Growth also costs money and with the increase of steel prices, having the right financing in place for the growth being sought is critical. It has been said for years, Cash is KING, and it has never been more accurate. This session will focus on the different types of financing available to retail propane marketers and when it is appropriate to use each type of financing. The session will also cover cash flow and proper communication with the lender. Retail propane marketers need to be savvy with their borrowing options. Some retailers need to increase their line of credit merely to cover the time between paying their propane supplier and when they receive their payments from customers. Other companies are seeking to grow and have long-term financing requirements. This session will cover different needs and the appropriate financing options for those needs.

  Websites - How to Effectively Utilize the Web to Enhance Business   Web

Today's retailer must find ways to target their customers in the most cost effective way possible. As more communication goes digital with the use of the Internet, marketers must develop methods of building relationships and communications with their customers. This session will demonstrate methods of building a lasting relationship with customers at the same time increase the efficiency of the marketing message. This session will demonstrate how online marketing can allow a retailer to manage and target certain customers based on their needs. Make it a useful tool for your customers.

  How to Make Your Website Work For You   Web

Retail propane marketers are aware of the importance of having a web presence. But, exactly to what extent they need their web presence to be can be daunting. Some websites are little more than a yellow page ad with a phone number and address while others are complex sites designed to drive customers to your doorstep. One of the greatest challenges in your online presence is how to get customers to your site. This session will focus on how to use search engine optimization and placement tools, strategies and tactics - the goal - use your web presence as a sales tool so you can focus on closing the sale and serving the customer.



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